Quantum ES is built on the proposition that gas is a fuel in transition.

Designed and developed in the UK to meet the requirements of our customers for a reliable and robust source of cleaner power, the Quantum engine range offers high efficiency in the 25–250 kW power band. Available for use with natural gas, LPG, and biogas, the Quantum engine range prioritises quality, reliability, and durability to meet the high standards demanded by our customers. Clean-burning fuel leads to lower servicing costs and extended engine life. Excellent product service and support are available through a network of distributors and dealers.

Quantum ES utilises the best industrial cores for our conversions, including SCANIA 9-litre and 13-litre engines for 150-250kWe. Employing these cores ensures the highest quality and reliability in an engine that can withstand many harsh applications and conditions.

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Quantum ES, in line with its policy of offering bespoke design, does not have a standard range of machines. Within the limits of engine outputs from established engine manufacturers, sets are built to match a site’s heat and average electricity demand or, in the case of biogas machines, the rate of gas production.

Our engines boast extended service intervals and can be delivered in or out of containers, offering flexibility tailored to customer preferences.


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Quantum ES delivers gas engine expertise globally, ensuring superior service and solutions tailored to your needs.

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